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I tried the solution they offer on their website, which is delete the Addon Game file in the twitch folder without success.I reinstalled but it still gives me the same issue.Unfortunately, this now sometimes occurs in the AH zones, and when it happens it can cause unintended side effects (read: errors, missing data, or silent failures) in the AH.There’s not much we can do about this except wait for a Blizzard fix.Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.

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We apologize for this, but Blizzard changed the format of their item Strings in such a way that we have found no effective way to match historical Bean Counter entries with the current, new items. It is designed to get a stable, working version of Auctioneer out in advance of the Legion expansion release, but there may be pieces of historical functionality that are still broken or which do not work fully or efficiently.Changes from 7.2 Release: * Now supports server-side sorting for BO prices in Compact UI * More tooltip stability fixes * Appraiser fixes for multi-post * Bean Counter fixes for mail reading and sender errors * Fixes for some server Key recognition problems * Fix recognition of Legion bonus IDs on items Known Caveats: * Scanning - scanning is still often slow or unreliable.Auctioneer users, We are pleased to announce the release of Auctioneer Suite release version 7.2 for Wo W 7.1 (Legion), the "Tasmanian Thylacine".For some reason the app would update every single day almost but since I came back home there have been no updates which could solve the issue, I opened a ticket on twitch aswell but 4 days passed without an answer.Anyone else experienced the same issue and found a solution?I've been using curse client for years and I don't see myself installing addons manually anymore tbh. Anyone else experienced the same issue and found a solution?