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Full Story We are dogsitting for a friend this weekend.
We'll have plenty of parking near the start and finish for all of our runners and spectators.

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Unfortunately, the FDISK utility in Win98 did not provide any such helpful information.

Anyhow, once I repartition under the limit, Win2k stopped complaining and everything went pretty smoothly. Dual boot problem Win2K & Win98 - I reinstalled W2K and I cannot boot to Win98 Something happened, i added something, changed something, deleted something and lost the ability to boot to WIn2000.

Have you tried going through your setup disk process selecting recovery console and using the FIXBOOT command with the drive option?

link which worked until 02/21/07 redirects you to tells you, "Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site.This seems strange because the NT boot manager continues to work fine and recognize everything except the Win2k installation. So, I boot the Win2k CD and try repairing my installation. I try the new installation and it refuses to recognize my previous installation. I just started up my old Win98 computer and tried to run Windows Update.It tells me two problems that I have: 1) The Win Update website says that I have to be running as an Administrator in order to run Windows Update.You can't actually be an Administrator in Win 98, can you? (The plugin is SAFE.) You can always uninstall Firefox after you get your updates if you don't want to use it for browsing.