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Watching porn gives men the unrealistic expectation that it is easy for women to orgasm, a study suggests.

Researchers analysed Pornhub's 50 most viewed videos of all time to determine the frequency of both male and female orgasms.

Once you realize that your expectations cannot change people, the better off you will be.Disney movies have been lying to us our entire lives. But damn, Disney gave us some high hopes when it came to true love and soul mates—Listen sister, if a guy saves you from a dragon, you marry him. Check out these 11 lies Disney movies told us about love, thereby forever screwing up our dating expectations. Love at first sight is a super normal thing that happens. They looked at orgasm-inducing sex acts and whether clitoral stimulation was involved, what men and women sounded like when they climaxed and what their bodies were doing when they reached their sexual peak.It was discovered only 18 per cent of women actually had an orgasm – the rest were fake. The study from the University of Quebec at Montreal concluded: 'As a result, representations of male and female orgasm in mainstream pornography may serve to perpetuate unrealistic beliefs and expectations in relation to female orgasm and male sexual performance.'Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox told Mail Online porn is making men forget the importance of foreplay.'There are so many bad lessons porn teaches us: that women don’t need foreplay, that threesomes are the norm, that the ‘highlight’ of sex for both genders is intercourse,' she said.'Less than 20 per cent of women orgasm through penetration alone – in porn, it happens all the time.'Women orgasm through clitoral stimulation and thrusting is an ineffective way of doing this.'What’s even more frustrating is that we’ve known this for at least 2,000 years.Delving into the topic more deeply, sex addiction therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist, Christine Lozano, told the website: 'The convenience of getting off online without the potential work, vulnerability, intimacy, and connection with others can be appealing to some.'Because men are considered to use porn more frequently than women, this increases their chances of identifying as pornosexuals.