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Victor Dzau, the academy’s president, stood to acknowledge several of the scientists in the room.He praised their work with enzymes that help regulate aging; with teasing out genes that control life span in various dog breeds; and with a technique by which an old mouse is surgically connected to a young mouse, shares its blood, and within weeks becomes younger.Aubrey de Grey likes to compare the body to a car: a mechanic can fix an engine without necessarily understanding the physics of combustion, and assiduously restored antique cars run just fine.De Grey is the chief science officer of Silicon Valley’s Research Foundation, which stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence—a fancy way of saying “Planning Your Comprehensive Tune-up.” An Englishman who began his career with a decade of work in A.Joon Yun, a doctor who runs a health-care hedge fund, announced that he and his wife had given the first two million dollars toward funding the challenge.“I have the idea that aging is plastic, that it’s encoded,” he said.

Turning to Dzau, she declared, “It’s gratifying to have the epitome of the establishment, the head of the National Academy of Medicine, say, ‘We, too, choose to make death optional! of Verily, a life-sciences firm owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Lear continued, “So what I wish to offer you is, we have a stage now to get some of the things you’ve said tonight out to a national audience.” More applause: the message would spread! Death would no longer be a metaphysical problem, merely a technical one. Gordon Lithgow, a leading researcher, told me, “At the beginning, we thought it would be simple—a clock!

When Liz Blackburn, who won a Nobel Prize for her work in genetics, took questions, Goldie Hawn, regal on a comfy sofa, purred, “I have a question about the mitochondria.

I’ve been told about a molecule called glutathione that helps the health of the cell?

”) If we could extend the telomeres, the thinking went, we might reverse aging.

But it turns out that animals with long telomeres, such as lab mice, don’t necessarily have long lives—and that telomerase, the enzyme that promotes telomere growth, is also activated in the vast majority of cancer cells.