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In the profile, Jake admitted to being "nervous" upon meeting the 31-year-old, saying, "It was initially awkward.
Sa manipulation interne peut quant à elle provoquer un réflexe urinaire.

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Finally, there was the challenge of recording fidelity.The primitive systems of the era produced sound of very low quality unless the performers were stationed directly in front of the cumbersome recording devices (acoustical horns, for the most part), imposing severe limits on the sort of films that could be created with live-recorded sound.On February 27, 1888, a couple of days after photographic pioneer Eadweard Muybridge gave a lecture not far from the laboratory of Thomas Edison, the two inventors privately met.Muybridge later claimed that on this occasion, six years before the first commercial motion picture exhibition, he proposed a scheme for sound cinema that would combine his image-casting zoopraxiscope with Edison's recorded-sound technology.

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In the United States, they helped secure Hollywood's position as one of the world's most powerful cultural/commercial centers of influence (see Cinema of the United States).

The phonograph was connected by an intricate arrangement of pulleys to the film projector, allowing—under ideal conditions—for synchronization.

However, conditions were rarely ideal, and the new, improved Kinetophone was retired after little more than a year.

In India, sound was the transformative element that led to the rapid expansion of the nation's film industry.

The idea of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is nearly as old as the concept of cinema itself.