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On this series of admonitions, the Zohar comments: "Come and see the pure love of the Blessed Holy One for Israel. the Blessed Holy One said as follows: 'Israel, what should I do with you?

Indeed, Orthodox mystics are apt to see Bar Yochai not so much as the Zohar's author as the recorder of mystical traditions dating back to the time of Moses.

As it is written, 'I will discipline you,' forcing you into exile; but if you think that I will abandon you, Myself too [shall go] along with you."' There are many strands of teaching in the kabbalah.

Medieval kabbalists, for example, were wont to speak of God as the En Sof (That Which Is Without Limit). But God reveals Himself to mankind through a series of ten emanations, sefirot, a configuration of forces that issue from the En Sof .

But if the brave women of Sidibe's short seem doomed to have to fight the same cruelties and prejudices perpetrated against Black bodies for centuries, their fearless honesty also echoes the hope that things might finally start to change.

"As I do with most things Iā€™m afraid of, I talk about them, make them audible, hoping that addressing the fear will alleviate it," Sidibe told Refinery29 earlier this year.