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Form of christianity dating back to luther

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That didn't slow him down much, so he was summoned to trial at Constance, Germany on the charge of heresy. At his trial, when asked to deny his published statements, he agreed to only if they could be proven wrong by the Bible.He gave marvelous answers to the questions and was a valiant spokesman for the cause of truth.Many preceding him had been executed for heresy (disagreeing with the pope).Luther began his work after being inspired by the work of John Huss, a Czech (Bohemian) reformer who had been burned at the stake a century before him.But other events occurred such that he was promoted to rector of the entire university.His sermons drew huge crowds and his followers became known as Hussites.The day 6 July is a national holiday in the Czech Republic, honoring this amazing man.

There are many versions of it, but the following appears to be the most authentic: As the official executioner was about to light the pyre at the feet of the reformer, he said, "Now we will cook the goose." (Huss in Bohemian means goose.) "Yes", replied Huss, "but there will come an eagle in a hundred years that you will not reach." That prophecy clearly points to Martin Luther, who depended heavily on Huss's work and who nailed his 95 Theses to his church door just over one hundred years later.

The most famous reformer was Martin Luther (1483-1546) of Germany, for whom the Lutheran church is named.

His success was due in part to avoiding being slain for his cause.

John then had to flee Prague, but while in exile he wrote his most important work Concerning the Church in which he claimed the Church was founded on Christ, not Peter.

Huss was excommunicated in 1412 for insubordination.