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Gansu is abbreviated as " In prehistoric times, Gansu was host to Neolithic cultures.The Dadiwan culture, from where archaeologically significant artifacts have been excavated, flourished in the eastern end of Gansu from about 6000 The Majiayao culture and part of the Qijia culture took root in Gansu from 3100 BC to 2700 BC and 2400 BC to 1900 BC respectively.An earthquake in Gansu at 8.6 on the Richter scale killed around 180,000 people mostly in the present-day area of Ningxia in 1920, and another with a magnitude of 7.6 killed 275 in 1932.The Muslim Conflict in Gansu (1927–1930) was a conflict against the Guominjun.

Liangzhou District in Wuwei was previously his headquarters in Gansu, where he controlled 15 million Muslims.Temples and Buddhist grottoes The province was also the origin of the Dungan Revolt of 1862-77.Among the Qing forces were Muslim generals, including Ma Zhan'ao and Ma Anliang, who helped the Qing crush the rebel Muslims.The revolt had spread into Gansu from neighbouring Qinghai. As a result of frequent earthquakes, droughts and famines, the economic progress of Gansu was significantly slower than that of other provinces of China until recently.Based on the area's abundant mineral resources it has begun developing into a vital industrial center.The Yellow River passes through the southern part of the province.