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Dating a cop

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Surely law-abiding commoners can date police officers without ending up in jail. Which brings us to ponder what kind of badge you have found yourself attracted to in this scenario.

If you are nodding yes to this, you’ve already gotten entangled with the arm of the law in a much more serious way than sex. Maybe you are not a rat or involved in gang life, but if you are writing me out of all the advice columnists in the world, I assume you break at least some laws. Maybe cannabis is legal in your state and your crush is a local beat cop who smokes more than you do.Whatever kind of law enforcement agent they are, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for the heat they might bring.The agent might say he's okay with anything when dating, but if you break up, watch out.Even if the man you have your eye on lives with a working K-9 who can tell when you have three joints hidden in your hair, you probably want to resist this potential mate.Dogs that can sniff out narcotics and work for the law probably shouldn’t be welcomed into your home if you love drugs. I’m from a place where the retired police chief dressed up as a KKK member for the community Halloween party, but even I know there are good cops out there.Nonetheless, my informant is an authority on getting down with a lawman and advised me that you might want to sleep with a cop even if just for the novelty, but you probably don’t want a relationship with one.