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Despite similarities in name and function to the gay hookup juggernaut Grindr, Tinder’s creators have maintained from the start that they designed the app as more than just a way to find sex.By eschewing lengthy profiles and questionnaires employed by other dating services and focusing on a quote and photos, its programmers created what they see as an equivalent to real-world dating.“The Columbus dating scene without the Internet is small and incestuous in my experience,” she claimed.“What I like about Tinder is that you meet people that you wouldn’t see otherwise.”Belle’s date, who we will call Beatrix, planned to meet her for coffee at a local brew station an hour after the interview.“I like to know that there are 100 people out there that would potentially bang me, but honestly I don’t got time for that shit.”Greg feels pressured by societal expectations of sexuality. I know in my heart the older I get, the level of attractiveness of my potential matches is bound to decrease.Unfortunately, now is the time in my life for awkward ‘get-to-know-yous’ at bars I really don’t care about with strangers I just met.”He is also struggling with a common existential crisis of the sexually active adult: to find that balance between overt promiscuity and the nagging possibility of dying alone.Chances are that date wasn’t set up by a well-intentioned mutual friend, but rather a flippant right swipe of a thumb, and a couple brief messages. So this month, (614) decided to shadow four daters (a heterosexual female and male, and a homosexual male and female) to explore a truly modern dating phenomenon.(Their names have been changed for the sake of privacy, security, and garnering honest responses.)ssentially, Tindering is submitting yourself to be vulnerable—to be vulnerable in front of strangers, and to be vulnerable in front of your date.

I was less interested in finding people to take out to dinner, and more fascinated with how it made me feel when I match with someone,” Greg admitted.

We asked Belle what attracted her to Beatrix’s profile.

“To be honest, really awesome nose jewelry—the kind that attaches a chain from your nose to your ear—traditional Hindu wedding-style jewelry.

’ That’s not how we think about meeting new people in real life.” But trimming the fat is seen by many as the impetus to superficial engagement between two parties, often leading to nothing more than a short-lived physical relationship, an idea that Greg understands all too well. Obviously this notion was appealing, but only on a fantastical level,” he said.

“This same concept applies to picking up girls from the bar.