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Asp net validating querystring

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If you scroll down the comments to Scott’s post you’ll see Sebastien Crocquesel’s patch for Scott’s code.If a conversion fails, Sebastien’s code will use Model State. Both the controller action and the view can look in Model State to see if there was a binding problem.Name as the value for the textbox, the textbox helper will see the model error and attempt to display the “attempted value” that the user tried to put in the model.

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In fact, this should be your default plan until you are certain you can’t subclass the default binder to achieve the functionality you need.Tip #5 : Recognize Binding and Validation As Two Phases Binding is about taking data from the environment and shoving it into the model, while validation is checking the model to make sure it meets our expectations.These are different different operations, but model binding tends to blur the distinction.Scott Hanselman demonstrates a non-trivial model binder in his post “Splitting Date Time – Unit Testing ASP. One detail I want to call out about Scott’s Date Time splitter is how you still don’t need to use Request. Inside the Get A method you’ll see how Scott uses the binding context’s Value Provider property to fetch data.The Value Provider represents an amalgamation of all data from the request’s posted form values, routing data, and query string.NET MVC, x Val, Castle, and a Custom Binder (John Mc Dowall), and Enterprise Library Validation Application Block with MVC Binders (Steve Michelotti).