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You just get more options on how conversations are carried out, and the interactions Sims can perform.
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Nearly 9 months after I began working on my chatbot, Christopher Bot was born. Between summer vacation (no laptops allowed), , and several depressing “start again from scratch moments”, there weren’t that many stretches of uninterrupted coding time.Even with sporadic bursts of dev time, CB (as I like to call him) turned out just the way I had hoped.For most students, entering class data will take less than 30 seconds.👍I also wanted the conversations with Christopher Bot to move along quickly because there’s not much time between classes.Christopher Bot may not be the smartest bot out there, but he knows how to get to the point.😎In order for CB to do most of the work, he needs to have info about a student’s classes. I figured that if users had to type the same thing over and over again for each day of classes, they might get bored or distracted (or both) and leave.At the end of each day, CB will send you a tidy list of homework that you need to finish. I think he works so well because he eliminates the need for students to remember to write stuff down. When you go on vacation, you can pause CB and he’ll ask you to choose a date for resuming the messages.If you forget to tell him about homework right after class, you can catch him up later. And since so many students have their phone in their pocket all day, Christopher Bot is always with them.

So when CB checks the database to decide whether or not to send a text at that moment, he has to first check to see if the server time matches the class ending time .I grasped the concept well enough, but sorting out the timing of classes and texts in 24 time zones required a deeper understanding.Class times are all stored in the user’s local time zone, and every time CB texts a user, it’s based on that same, local timezone.Fun fact: Christopher is the name Alan Turing gave to his machine in WWII that cracked the Enigma code, and it’s the reason I named my bot .To me, the most important part of CB is his perfect “memory”.In grade 8, there were plenty of mornings when I’d have to get to school really early to get it done.