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One example of this impression management comes from a 1938 article in where a Smith College senior advised incoming freshmen on how to cultivate an "image of popularity." She wrote, "During your first term, get home talent to ply you with letters, telegrams and invitations.

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When each family’s young hero returns from WWII and the veterans bond with each other across the race divide, Pappy isn’t happy.FULL REVIEW Murder on the Orient Express, PG-13 Why would director Kenneth Branagh try to beat Sidney Lumet’s beloved 1974 version (or David Suchet’s 2010 TV version) of this classic tale?Join Auggie Pullman (Room’s Jacob Tremblay), 10, on his first day of school ever.Previously homeschooled by Mom (Julia Roberts) and Dad (Owen Wilson), Auggie gets bullied for his disfigured face so cruelly, he wants to wear a space helmet to school.Sally Hawkins nails the tricky role of the mute janitor who saves the creature and is saved in return.As her janitor pal, AARP The Magazine cover girl Octavia Spencer anchors the fantasy with a performance not far from the earthy humor of The Help.Saoirse Ronan (of 2015's Brooklyn), 23, isn’t the only award-worthy star in this story about a 17-year-old in Sacramento, Calif.

The bad guys are a bit cliched, but you’ve never seen a film with the drifty, incredibly dreamy look of this masterpiece.No spoilers, but it turns out that music is the key to making the family’s dreams come true.Besides being the first great Pixar movie about Hispanics, Coco is the best film about Alzheimer’s since Marjorie Prime and Away From Her.Ghosts can walk the flowery bridge from the Land of the Dead back to the living, but only if their families remember them by posting their photos in a shrine.And Coco, a loving grandmother struggling with Alzheimer's, is in danger of forgetting her late father — because of her illness, and also because he was a musician who abandoned Coco and her mom.The movie pokily moseys across its vast, resonant landscape, but like Lefty, it picks up the pace and gradually grows into a flawed kind of greatness.