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Accepted reasons for backdating job seekers allowance

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You must tell us the period you want to backdate your benefit for and tell us why your claim is late.

We will need to see proof of your income, savings and rent payments for the period you want to backdate your benefit for and any proof to support your reasons (for example, medical certificates or hospital letters). You can also get help from an advice agency, such as a Citizens Advice Bureau.

Council Tax Support will be paid straight to your Council Tax account.

You will receive a bill showing any amount you have to pay after benefit has been awarded.

How long it takes to work out your claim depends on how quickly you send in all the information and how busy we are when you make your claim.

If you are making a new claim for benefit our aim to assess your entitlement within 24 days, sooner if you supply all the supporting evidence.

'Good reasons' must apply for the whole period you're asking us to backdate your benefit for.Housing Benefit is paid to the tenant unless circumstances allow Housing Benefit be paid to the landlord.Payment is made by BACS directly into your bank account .Use the online service for claiming Housing/Council Tax Support .If you think you have a good reason for making a claim late, you should tell us in writing straight away.Contributions based JSA is given when an applicant has a history of having paid national insurance (NI) contributions which is a consequence of having been employed in the past.