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Remember in your lifetime you will meet on average only 10,000 people.
Instead I said, β€œLet me sleep on it.” When I woke up the next morning, I told him I was in: I was curious, I wanted to hang out with James, and I thought it would make for a good story.

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They were pretty much the only guys getting regular sex. In his 2008 book For guys, scoring sex becomes the most important goal on any given evening.

Therefore, it is important to maximize your chances for success by avoiding girls where the risk of rejection is high.

And relationships also have economics- the more attractive the women is the more resources a guy needs to get the girl- a fancy car, nice house, good job, or at least that how it works in a guys head.

Three 40-something best friends from Los Angeles are flying to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. I like her willingness to mock herself in order to get a laugh.

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Beautiful women, expecting to have a high mating value, find themselves targeted by only the most sexually aggressive men.

The show succeeds or fails based on whether you like Fran Drescher. What the show is about is really almost superfluous because no matter what the premise, if you like Fran Drescher, you'll watch it. (When Fran finds out that her parents always believed he was gay and thought that she knew all the time, she yells "Why would I marry a gay man?

But for those who may not know Fran Drescher the show revolves around a woman and her recently out of the closet gay ex-husband living together, getting on each other's nerves and even sharing a few tender moments. I like the performances of Robert Walden and Rita Moreno as Fran's supportive but laid-back parents.

Believe me, guys remember, and not many of us were the quarterback.

Men also have problems with self confidence and when presented with a choice between a cute girl that we have a chance with and a pretty girl that seems like a long shot, we are going to play it safe and go with cute.